Translation from Arabic to English

The translation is a bridge of appreciation and understanding between people of different languages than the interpretation of the meaning of the text and the production in one language of the new, equivalent text, or replacement of words in one language by words in another or the interpretation of the meaning of texts in one language or anything else in another. In the general sense, a translation aims to build bridges among different groups of persons, but the theoretical goal of translation is to build an equivalent relationship between the source and the target language.

Why translation is important between Arabic and English

Do we sometimes wonder why translation is important from Arabic to English? Both Arabic and English speak great languages in the world. In his book “The Spread of English,” on page 77 the writer read: “Today’s great languages are languages of the empire, past and present. Only two, Chinese Mandarin and Russian, remain administrative in one and only ethnolinguistic state.

Translation from Arabic to English

English-Arabic translation importance

Therefore, English-Arabic translation has been and is still important, the causes are only different in the past and the present. It is well known nowadays that English translation in Arabic is becoming an increasingly important topic today. This is also supported by the importance of oil, the strategic location, the history of the Islamic and other civilizations in the Arab world, and the current developments in the Middle East, and the desire of Western Europe to possess petroleum and dominate the region in the West.

The value of the Translation from Arabic to English, mainly by means of the translation into Arabic of the two words English; because English is filled with languages, English natives use a lot of language and expressions in their daily conversations, books, newspapers, magazines, Internet TV shows, as idioms add color to languages, while idioms are difficult to understand become at the same time. This presents a major challenge for English-Arabic translators.

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